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Jamshidi silk handwoven carpet

Jamshidi silk handwoven carpet

Jamshidi silk handwoven carpet , as you know, there are 4 main types of wool, silk, fluff and linen. Depending on the use of each of these handwoven carpet fibers, you will be faced with a special characteristic of that carpet.

So, if you are looking to buy a carpet, be sure to check the features you expect from your carpet with the type of threads so that it is compatible with it.

In examining the threads and fibers of the handmade carpet. we need to pay attention to it, it is silk. These fibers, which are obtained from silkworm cocoons, have a higher strength than wool in an equal ratio to the diameter.

Jamshidi Silk Carpet

The carpet weavers and map designers of Qom turned to Jamshidi hand-woven carpets, which were finely woven. and provided precious and luxurious carpets to the lovers of handmade carpets.

The main reason for the higher price of carpets woven with silk compared to other fibers can be seen in the difficulty of their work. in fact, when you use silk fibers, “accuracy” is the most important pillar of your work, which is the same issue. It makes the work time consuming. And it is used for the texture of precious carpets with a high number of rows.

It is possible to use silk fibers in different parts of carpet weaving. polishing and polishing and highlighting the pattern is one of these things that are common in Iranian carpets such as silk flower Nain, Kashan, Tabriz, etc.

Qom Jamshidi handwoven carpets that are woven with silk thread. They are very valuable. And it is mainly sold at a higher price than hand-woven carpets with other fibers.

MJ Rug Company

We mainly use silk. Sometimes cork is also used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. to be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of handmade Jamshidi carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian hand-woven carpet of MG Rug company has a warranty and after-sale warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on Iranian carpets.

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