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Vegetable dyeing of Jamshidi hand-woven carpet

Vegetable dyeing of Jamshidi hand-woven carpet

Vegetable dyeing of Jamshidi hand-woven carpet , Carpet dyeing color can definitely be introduced as one of the most important options that can give beauty and a special effect to hand-woven carpets. The principles of dividing the types of colors in dyeing are very different.

from the main properties and structure of colors to their use for different products from fabric, clothes, yarn and leather to the creams used in carpet texture.

One of the most important features of Qom Jamshidi carpets is the existence of infinite order in their weave. In other carpets that are prepared in different regions. there are special irregularities on the back of the carpets. Although these types of irregularities can be ignored. But the hand-woven Qom Jamshidi carpet is even free of these kinds of irregularities. And this factor is one of the main reasons for the popularity and reputation of Qom carpet.


Usually, silk fibers are dented using alum. The base color is obtained using Rasada and rubia tanctorum obtains the desired color tone. Dyeing using natural materials aims to protect the environment. This issue is very important in today’s world due to the reduction of industrial pollution and has attracted the attention of environmentalists.

Grape leaves

In the Jamshidi hand-woven Qom silk carpet, green tones are obtained with the combination of Nile grape leaves, blue and yellow colors. Silk fibers are dyed green, blue and indigo yellow using a combination of grape leaves. Dyeing using natural materials is in accordance with the environment and protects the surrounding environment. This issue is very important in today’s world.

In fact, it is the type of fiber that determines for us what kind of color is needed for our work and what dyeing technique we should use for it. To better understand this issue. pay attention to an example:

Fibers obtained from animals and their origin is natural. Like wool and silk, they have a protein structure. which are divided into two categories and groups, acidic and basic.

When you use fibers with this structure. it is natural to connect the colors to their molecules. you must use colors that have a similar structure and specific to them. so your colors must also have an acidic and basic structure and must be natural in some way. 

In MJ Carpet Company

We mainly use silk. Sometimes cork is also used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. to be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of handmade Jamshidi carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian hand-woven carpet of MG Rag company has a warranty and after-sale warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on Iranian carpets.

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