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Qom Jamshidi carpet

Qom Jamshidi carpet

Qom Jamshidi carpet is one of the best hand-woven carpets in Iran and other major countries, including America, Germany, etc. Jamshidi hand-woven carpet weaves its carpets with the best and highest quality silk available in Iran and the world. As a result, it carries a lot of value.

All kinds of hand-woven carpets and in different designs in Jamshidi hand-woven silk carpet production, all hand-woven carpets are woven with first-class silk. Jamshidi handwoven carpet collection is proud to use traditional dyeing with natural materials to guarantee the durability of the color and quality of its products during more than 60 years of handwoven silk carpet production.

Jamshidi hand-woven carpet is one of the oldest brands of Qom Jamshidi silk hand-woven carpets that have been operating in this field for years. This type of silk carpet has a very favorable quality.

Jamshidi carpet

One of the best and most attractive types of hand-woven carpets is Jamshidi hand-woven Qom silk carpet. This type of carpet has a special place in the field of export and has taken a significant share of Iran’s carpet exports. In other words, Qom carpet is one of Iranian handwoven carpets. which is known as an exquisite carpet in the world today. This carpet has a special texture, design and pattern. which has made it one of the special and premium carpets.

Texture is a repeating pattern that has weight. Texture can even include concentration and dilution of color or light. The weight in the work is the rhythm of its movement. This melody also shows itself in volumes and levels, and we can even use this weight or rhythm in a thematic way, that is, the connection between the subjects and the thematic space of the work of art. 

About MG carpet

MG hand-woven carpet is the largest and best producer of Iranian hand-woven carpets in the world. Iranian hand-woven carpets of rug MG have a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on our Iranian carpets.


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