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Qom Jamshidi handmade carpet

Qom Jamshidi handmade carpet

Qom Jamshidi handmade carpet is one of the best and most famous Iranian handmade carpets and known all over the world. With the best materials available, especially pure silk used in carpet weaving, it has attracted many fans to its style.

Carpet of Qom

In fact, they first entered the market using not so fine wool. And it was generally done with a number of 40. In the following years, Jamshidi Qom hand-woven carpet artists in Qom have evolved into carpet weaving. And with special skill and ability, they started weaving all-silk carpets with a very high number.

Exquisite rugs that were marketed in order with these delicate silk threads were also known as silk flowers. The determining factor for identifying Qom carpets is the technique of work because it is completely regular and complete.

If we pay attention to new quality carpets (for example, carpets in Kashan, Tehran, Kerman, etc.). On the back of these rugs, especially in the thickness of the wefts, threads or knots, we will see some irregularities that can be ignored.

Handmade Carpet

This disorder does not exist in Qom carpets at all and their order is somehow. Which sometimes makes one doubt, and this doubt is as far as he thinks. Do not let this carpet be woven by machine. Its texture is very compact and durable and its yarn is spun from cotton thread and its fabric is thinner.

The knots are made of beautiful local wool known as Sabzevar. These knots are very small (on average 4000 to 7000 knots per square decimeter) and are of Persian weave type. The height of the piles is medium and only one side of these rugs can be seen as roots. The roots are double and twisted.

At MJ Carpet Company

we mainly use silk. Cork is sometimes used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. To be arranged uniformly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best company producing Iranian handmade carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpet by MG Rag company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about Iranian carpets.


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