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Jamshidi handmade silk carpet

Jamshidi handmade silk carpet

Jamshidi handmade silk carpet in Qom is one of the most famous and valuable Iranian carpets. All of Jamshidi’s works use first-class silk. Handmade silk carpet can be considered as one of the most exquisite and valuable manifestations of original Iranian art, which is world famous.

When it comes to silk rugs, the first thing that may come to our minds subconsciously. Its price is high and luxury. This has led to the popularity of this type of carpet not only because of its special quality and elegance, but also as a future investment.

The designs and colors used in Qom carpets have a great variety and breadth, while at first designs such as Shah Abbasi bergamot, hunting ground and… patterns of Qom handmade silk carpets were considered, but over time this The city grew significantly and was able to create great changes even in the Iranian carpet industry.

فرش ابریشمی دستباف جمشیدی

Jamshidi Persian handmade carpet

Since Iran can definitely be introduced as the largest producer of silk carpets in the world, so different brands and cities should be active in the production of these carpets, which are weaving different models, we have tried here the main Let us briefly introduce you to the most types of handmade Jamshidi Silk carpets.

Carpets can have many different types of patterns and motifs used to decorate the surface. Carpets are used in industrial and commercial establishments such as retail stores and hotels and in private homes.

At MJ Carpet Company

we mainly use silk. Cork is sometimes used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. To be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of Jamshidi handmade carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpet by MG Rag company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about Iranian carpets.

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