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Jamshidi Iranian silk handmade carpet

Jamshidi Iranian silk handmade carpet

Jamshidi Iranian handmade silk carpet is very popular and is woven with first-class silk. Carpet weaving is common in Qom like in other parts of Iran and the production of woolen carpets has been limited in the past but has had an independent design and role.

Qom province is the center of Qom city and is one of the provinces of Iran. After Mashhad, it is the most significant shrine and religious city in Iran. Its construction has been attributed to one of the kings of the Pishdadian dynasty.

And because Qom has always been a host city for immigrants who have migrated to this city from different parts of Iran or other countries. Therefore, most of the past carpets of Qom were woven by the same immigrants and based on the conventional designs of their homeland. 

Jamshidi Iranian silk handmade carpet

Handmade carpet

Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpets and Qom carpet designs follow the principles of other Iranian carpets in terms of general structure. And they use original designs, but still try to innovate in the same designs.

In some carpets of Qom, the background color is not dominant. And the color of the flowers is the dominant color of the text, and in the background of some carpets, there are repetitive patterns that have been solved in the background of the carpet.

At MJ Carpet Company

we mainly use silk. Cork is sometimes used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. To be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of Jamshidi handmade Rug in the world. Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpet by MG Rag company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about Iranian carpets.

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