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Hand Knotted Carpet

Hand Knotted Carpet

Hand Knotted Carpet is the most famous Iranian’s handmade things in the whole world. MJ rug gallery use natural color for painting Carpets.

The most important tooth in the traditional dyeing of aluminum salts, especially aluminum double salt, which is potassium. Which is known as white alum. 

Copper sulfate indentation means blue cut with the reaction wool that reduces the strength of the fibers. This makes the wool teeth rough and brittle. And it gives a very light blue spectrum to the wool. And it causes wool opacity and color unevenness.

Ferrous sulfate is known as green alum. In addition to color fastness. this material makes the color darker and rougher.

The designs and colors used in Qom carpets have a great variety and breadth, while at first designs such as Shah Abbasi bergamot, hunting ground and… patterns of Qom handmade silk carpets were considered, but over time this The city grew significantly and was able to create great changes even in the Iranian carpet industry.

Plant colors are divided into two categories:

1. Mixed color (walnut skin, pomegranate skin, hawthorn, oak, eucalyptus, nettle)

2. Color without mixing

Hand Knotted Carpet

Walnut skin is one of the best plants used to get a creamy and brown color. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. And then they take it as a powder or extract. This color gives itself a black color in water. Using pomegranate peel, green alum and vinegar, you can dye the plant black.

The dyes and yarns used in the weaving of handmade carpets also have a significant impact on its value and price. For example, when silk is used for carpet weaving, it is worth as much as gold.

Handmade rug are usually named after the place. where they are woven or after the people who weave them. Most traditional patterns and colors are associated with the place where the rug is woven. so by looking at each handmade rug you can tell exactly where the rug was woven.

About MJ Rug

MJ Rug is the biggest and the best company of produce Iranian Handmade Carpet in the world.

The handmade Iranian carpets of MJ Rug company have and after-sales guarantee.

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