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The beauty of Jamshidi handmade carpets

The beauty of Jamshidi handmade carpets

The beauty of Jamshidi handmade carpets , Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpet has a unique and unparalleled beauty. And due to the uniqueness of the design and role, it is very popular among countries around the world.

Carpet is one of the most important and necessary decorative elements that is used in most Iranian houses. Handmade carpets are an example of the best and most expensive types of carpets that can be used for this purpose.

Features of handmade carpets

Carpet weaving is a part of Iranian culture and art. This art has been popular in Iranian culture from the past to the present and its value does not diminish over time. Hand-woven carpets have unique textures, colors and designs.

In the past, fibers with various and cheerful colors were used in carpet weaving. And there was a lot of variety in the design and role of carpets, but today the use of neutral colors such as gray and beige, which are considered classic colors. It is also popular in carpet weaving and bright colors such as white and cream have attracted many fans. 

Carpets are used for a variety of purposes, including insulating a person’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, making a room more comfortable as a place to sit on the floor. The use of geometric patterns and beautiful designs in handmade rugs has made all these carpets as beautiful as possible. 

At MJ Carpet Company

we mainly use silk. Cork is sometimes used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. To be arranged uniformly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of Jamshidi handmade carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian handmade carpet by MG Rag company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about Iranian carpets.

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