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Jamshidi carpet with herbal color

Jamshidi carpet with herbal color

Jamshidi carpet with herbal color In fact, it colors fabrics from natural materials that exist in nature. Dyeing of Qom Jamshidi handmade carpet like:

the Nile

Indigo color is obtained from the fermentation of indigo leaves. Dyed silk fibers turn green and gradually turn dark blue when exposed to oxygen. Indigo is used in traditional dyeing to obtain light blue to dark blue colors. Dent silk fibers in blue and dark blue colors are made using isatis, tinctoria and alum.

Grape leaves

Green tones are obtained by combining indigo leaves with blue and yellow colors. Silk fibers are dyed green, blue and indigo yellow using a combination of grape leaves. Dyeing using natural materials is in accordance with the environment protection. This issue is very important in today’s world, the reduction of industrial pollution has attracted the attention of environmentalists.

Jamshidi carpet with herbal color

Coshin or red seed

Cochin is a ladybug-like insect that comes in black, gray, silver and red colors. The size of this insect is 2.5 to 3 mm and it has wrinkled skin. The silk is soaked in a solution of water and alum for 2 to 3 days. Silk fibers are dyed using red grain powder. To stabilize and change the tone of this color, citric acid or Bose Qonj is used. The color spectrum obtained from this dyeing is known as Iranian red.


Silk fibers should be soaked for 2 days in water and alum solution for straw dyeing. Pomegranate skin and peel are used to add yellowness and darken the final color, respectively.

Rubia tenctorum

The root of the plant is ground after drying and used in dyeing. Silk fibers are dyed using fermented (sour) yogurt to obtain the pink color. Seidlitzia rosmarinus adds yellow to the color and rosmarinus darkens the color.

About MG carpet

MG hand-woven carpet is the largest and best producer of Iranian hand-woven carpets in the world. Iranian hand-woven carpets of Rug MG have a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on our Iranian carpets.

One of the most important features of Qom Jamshidi carpets is the existence of infinite order in their weave. hand-woven Qom Jamshidi carpet is even free of these kinds of irregularities. And this factor is one of the main reasons for the popularity and reputation of Qom carpet.

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