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Qom silk

Qom silk

Qom silk , One of the most famous Iranian handwoven carpets is the Qom silk carpet. Qom silk carpet is one of the carpets whose market is not limited to Iran but has its own customers all over the world. One of the most important features of the Qom province silk carpet is that it is woven in such a beautiful and natural way that at first glance it looks like a painting.

It was about a century ago that the carpet weaving industry in Qom gradually began its progress and the weaving of handwoven silk carpets in this province started seriously and using different designs and patterns. and this made this carpet become an authentic and valuable carpet in the world.

Background of carpet weaving in Qom

The carpets that were first woven in this province were not like today’s carpets, but quality raw materials were not used in their weaving.

Also, their texture was coarse and it was woven in rows of forty; As a result, we did not see today’s quality carpets. Gradually, in the following years, fundamental changes were made in the structure of carpets in Qom province. And the carpet weavers and map designers of Qom turned to Jamshidi hand-woven carpets, which were finely woven. and provided precious and luxurious carpets to the lovers of handmade carpets.

History of Qom silk carpet jamshidi

Carpet weaving industry has been popular in Qom province since ancient times. This industry was first common among the villagers and nomads of this province. And as it was said, in the beginning, the carpets that were woven were not of good quality. But carpets silk are woven in the modern way. It became popular about eighty years ago and in the second decade of the twentieth century.

About MJ Rug

We mainly use silk. Sometimes cork is also used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. to be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of handmade Jamshidi carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian hand-woven carpet of MG Rug company has a warranty and after-sale warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on Iranian carpets.

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