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Jamshidi hand-woven carpet identification card

Jamshidi hand-woven carpet identification card

Jamshidi hand-woven carpet identification card, the purpose of having a carpet ID card is to preserve the identity of Iranian hand-woven carpet. and to create the necessary groundwork to prevent the counterfeiting of this product by competing countries and to reassure the customer when buying. It is the customer’s right to know what the price he pays for the purchase of goods is for and with what specifications. especially for a product such as a carpet. which is considered a capital product in addition to being a consumer product.

Certification of carpets is an effective step in maintaining the credibility of the carpet industry, and this is despite the fact that for a long time, the news of copying Iranian designs and weaving them and selling them under the name of Iranian carpets outside the borders has been heard, and the poor quality of carpets woven by competing countries and introduced In the name of Iranian carpet, it has damaged the credibility of our country’s carpet.

Gradually, in the following years, fundamental changes were made in the structure of carpets in Qom province. And the carpet weavers and map designers of Qom turned to Jamshidi hand-woven carpets, which were finely woven. and provided precious and luxurious carpets to the lovers of handmade carpets.

Among the benefits of carpet identification and carpet coding:

  1. Supporting the intellectual rights and industrial ownership of Iranian handmade carpets.
  2. Facilitating carpet trade and creating a common language between buyer and seller, transportation, warehouse, etc., as well as preparing a platform for e-commerce in the future or online shopping.
  3. Creating a database of standard specifications of handwoven carpets and sharing business information through it.
  4. The possibility of management based on information in the handwoven carpet industry.
  5. Necessary groundwork for tracking and using RFID technology in the supply chain of goods.

The constituent elements of Jamshidi hand-woven silk carpet birth certificate are 8 design elements, dimensions, location of weave. density (number of knots per square decimeter), color of text and border, pile material, pile material, weft material. which must be included as carpet specifications in the birth certificate.  Also, the manufacturer can add other specifications in addition to the mentioned items. such as the weaver’s name, weaving date, weight, etc. to the mentioned specifications.

About MJ Rug

We mainly use silk. Sometimes cork is also used in our Iranian carpets. That helps them. to be arranged evenly and beautifully. MG Carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of handmade Jamshidi carpets in the world. Jamshidi Iranian hand-woven carpet of MG Rug company has a warranty and after-sale warranty. Contact us for purchase and advice on Iranian carpets.

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