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Qom silk handmade carpet Jamshidi

Qom silk handmade carpet Jamshidi

Qom silk handmade carpet Jamshidi , It is one of the best handmade carpets in Iran and other big countries such as America, Germany and… Qom Jamshidi handmade carpets weave their carpets with the best and highest quality silk in Iran and the world. As a result, it carries a lot of value.

One of the best and most attractive types of handmade carpets is Jamshidi silk Qom handmade carpet. This type of carpet has a special place in the field of export and so far has accounted for a significant share of Iranian carpet exports. In other words, Qom carpet is one of the Iranian handmade carpets. Which is known today as an exquisite carpet in the world. This carpet has a special texture, design and role. Which has made it one of the special and privileged carpets.

Despite the fact that many years have passed since the beginning of Qom silk carpet weaving. But this carpet has retained its originality and excellent materials and natural colors have been used in its texture. Also, the designs used in this carpet are among the eye-catching Iranian designs.

Jamshidi Silk Iranian handmade carpet is divided into three categories: whole silk, silk flower, and silk floor. Which differ in terms of dimensions and size, design and color, number of nodes and…

فرش دستباف قم ابریشم جمشیدی

Important points of buying carpets

Make sure that the type of silk used in handmade carpets has the necessary elegance and quality. Delicate and pure silk is usually used in the texture of this type of handmade carpet. Pay attention to the design and role of the carpet, which has the best quality and is in accordance with your taste.

Usually, Qom silk carpets have a design taken from celebrities and historical stories. and note that the carpet you want should be in harmony with your taste.

About MG Carpet

MG handmade carpet is the largest and best manufacturer of Iranian handmade carpets in the world. Iranian handmade carpets MG Carpet Company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about our Iranian carpets.

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