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All kinds of handmade carpets

All kinds of handmade carpets

All kinds of handmade carpets , Types of handmade carpets and in different designs in the production of Jamshidi silk handmade carpets, where all handmade carpets are made of first-class silk.

Jamshidi Handmade Carpet Collection is proud to use traditional dyeing with natural materials during more than 60 years of producing handmade silk carpets to ensure the color fastness and quality of its products.

Qom Jamshidi carpet is one of the best hand-woven carpets in Iran and other major countries, including America, Germany, etc. Jamshidi hand-woven carpet weaves its carpets with the best and highest quality silk available in Iran and the world. As a result, it carries a lot of value.

Types of hand-woven carpets in terms of size

The most common sizes of Iranian hand-woven carpets are 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters and 24 meters, which are selected according to the environment.

• Carpets: Carpets that are in the sizes of 3.2 meters, 3.5 meters 2.5 meters, 4.3 meters, 4.6 meters.

• Carpets: are called carpets that have an area of ​​less than 4 square meters. Conventional rug sizes include 1.40 2۰ 20.2 and 1.5 2.5 meters.

• Heads: are called carpets that are less than the width of the carpet in terms of width and less than 4 meters in terms of length, which are in the sizes of 1.5 / 1.5 m, 3.7 / 1 m and 3.7 / 2 m It is woven.

Types of hand-woven carpets in terms of local style

• Urban carpet: means a carpet that is woven in cities. The weaving carpet, which is woven by an urban weaver, is delicate and has a high range and has a special design.

• Rural carpet: It is a carpet that is woven in a simple and basic way in the villages. Rural carpets are mostly woven without a pattern (mind weaver).

• Nomadic carpets: Nomadic and tribal carpets, like rural carpets, are simple and rudimentary with patterns from the environment and life of the tribes. Eli carpets are available in small sizes in coarse and coarse weave. The side of the tribal rug has a complex texture that is often attached to short woolen tassels at regular intervals.

About MG carpet

MG handmade carpet is the largest and best company producing Iranian handmade carpets in the world. Iranian handmade carpets MG Carpet Company has a warranty and after-sales warranty. Contact us to buy and consult about our Iranian carpets.

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