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Copper dyeing of Jamshidi handmade carpets

Copper dyeing of Jamshidi handmade carpets

Copper dyeing of Jamshidi handmade carpets , Generally, dyeing silk with natural materials is very sensitive and laborious. Experience and skill are required to achieve the desired color and ensure its durability.

Persian rugs and carpets of various types were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes in village and town workshops, and by royal court manufactories alike. As such, they represent miscellaneous, simultaneous lines of tradition, and reflect the history of Iran, Persian culture, and its various peoples.

The carpets woven in the Safavid court manufactories of Qom during the sixteenth century are famous for their elaborate colors and artistical design, and are treasured in museums and private collections all over the world today. Their patterns and designs have set an artistic tradition for court manufactories which was kept alive during the entire duration of the Persian Empire up to the last royal dynasty of Iran.


Serration is the process by which silk fibers are prepared for better color reception. In this process, dye penetration into its fibers is improved by adding special materials to raw silk.

Robia tinctorum

The plant root is ground after drying and used in dyeing. Silk fibers are serrated to obtain a pink color using fermented (sour) yogurt. Seidlitzia rosmarinus adds yellow to the color and Qareh Qurut darkens the color.

Dyeing using natural materials is in line with environmental protection. This issue is very important in today’s world due to the reduction of industrial pollution and has attracted the attention of environmentalists.

Jamshidi Handmade Carpet Collection is proud to use traditional dyeing with natural materials to ensure the durability of color and quality of its products during more than 60 years of handmade silk carpet production.

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