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Water in painting handmade carpets

Water in painting handmade carpets

Water in painting handmade carpets and Rugs is so important. Iranian handmade Rug are so fantastic. Hand Knotted Carpet is the most famous Iranian’s handmade things in the whole world. MJ rug gallery use natural color for painting Carpets.

Handmade rug are usually named after the place. where they are woven or after the people who weave them. Most traditional patterns and colors are associated with the place where the rug is woven. so by looking at each handmade rug you can tell exactly where the rug was woven.

Water is one of the effective factors in the traditional dyeing of Iranian handmade carpets. Water hardness is effective in dark or light. And water with high minerals reduces the strength of the plant in the dye bath.

Groundwater with a depth of less than 15 meters. Because they pass through sand and soil, they are calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which can also contain carbon dioxide.

Water in painting handmade carpets

Hard water causes detergent deposition. Because the presence of calcium and magnesium causes soluble salts. Calcium detergent precipitate causes adhesion and absorbs contaminated particles and dye, causing resistance to dye penetration on yarns and fibers and tending to dye.

To no longer sit on the surface. As a result, the stability is reduced and the absorption of color is also reduced in dyeing Iranian handmade carpets.

The dyes and yarns used in the weaving of handmade carpets also have a significant impact on its value and price. For example, when silk is used for carpet weaving, it is worth as much as gold.

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