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Symbols and semiotics of Iranian Carpets

Symbols of Iranian Carpets

Symbols of Iranian Carpets. In the art of Iranian carpet weaving as an art. what has been overlooked is the relationship of its creator with the surrounding world. which we see its manifestation in the most direct and direct way in the works.

An Iranian carpet weaver who has never been sterilized from her mythical religious. beliefs is the main difference with the Western artist in her metaphysical relationship with the earth.

Oriental carpet weaver, and especially the Iranian weaver and designer. considered the earth to be a vast resurrection and livelihood. Maybe that’s why the size of the maps she draws is the size of the maps she draws.

Therefore, it becomes a wide and hidden Persian carpet and a place to imitate. its surroundings with the help of its creative power. and to scatter the combination of taste. and observation on the place where it steps on the ground.

The not-so-well-documented ban on the role of an animal. by striking a human face. and unintentionally opens up an arena. for the Persian carpet weaver to advance her in a wide range of abstract forms perpendicular to the figure.

The role in Iranian carpets will never reach the realms. and is in its most abstract form. and abstraction from the nature of form to achieve its existence.

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