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The appearance of Iranian Carpets and Rugs

The appearance of Iranian Carpets

The appearance of Iranian Carpets , Iranian carpet and discussion about its history has always been one of the favorite issues of orientalists, both Iranian and non-Iranian. But since most of the studies done in this regard have no scientific basis and in other words do not have a proper basis.

In most cases, it is accompanied by completely inaccurate and even biased results. Which has attracted the attention of Western scholars. but since attention to the ancient art of the East in many cases has been associated with non-archaeological purposes.

they have tried to confuse Iran in many cases. including the history and history of carpet weaving. and hasten with some false images and inferences. Relate it to Turkish art and the tribes of Central Asia.

Jamshidi Carpet

According to, we will pay attention to arts such as carpet weaving. which are dedicated to the Middle East and the Middle East, especially Iran.

And the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Asia Minor, and Afghanistan. From the very beginning. it was an annoying puzzle for Arab artists. and because it was not attached to Greece. Rome, Western civilization and culture.

Nor to Christianity, nor could it be the achievement or instruction of the colonists. but it was not long before, with the blessing / wisdom / of a few archaeologists of the Prussian Empire. a way of solving the riddle was discovered.

And Iranian carpet weaving was considered an art and industry and has grown. and flourished in the neighborhood and under the protection of the West and Christianity.

Handmade rug are usually named after the place. where they are woven or after the people who weave them. Most traditional patterns and colors are associated with the place where the rug is woven. so by looking at each handmade rug you can tell exactly where the rug was woven.

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