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Symbols in Persian Rugs


The art of weaving rugs is an ancient art in Iran. That’s why it is said that the oldest rug in the world is Iranian and related to Achaemenids period. The interesting point is Persian rugs are becoming more popular between nations day to day. The beauty and uniqueness of their design should be one of the most important reasons they are so loved and classy.
If you are a fan you probably know that having at least one Persian rug at your home increases its warmth and style. Persian rugs have different kinds and styles and to buy the perfect rug you need to know some of their styles and symbols used in each.

Symbols in Persian rugs


To reach a higher level of understanding of the meaning and the story behind the Iranian rugs we need to know the meaning behind each symbol which is used in an Iranian rug.

Here are some repeated symbols and their meanings:

-figure of a eight sided flower in Persian rugs

It shows courage and obstinacy of people who live in the mountains and it is actually the symbol of an ibex.

-figure of a diamond in Persian rugs

It is a symbol of religion in east and often is weaved with lines toward it to show it is shining.

-the figure of ram in Persian rugs

-figure of a bird in Persian rugs

Birds are very popular in ancient stories and also very repeated in Iranian rugs.

Not only in Persian art but also in Persian literature birds are very repeated and meaningful.For instance there is Seemorgh [name of a legendary bird mentioned in Persian/Farsi literatureit is comparable to phoenix] which is the symbol of union makes a Persian rug fascinating.

But don’t be mistaken,this figure is totally different from the figure of birds and the tree in which the tree symbolizes the life.

In figure of birds and the tree we can see either birds are sitting face to face or back to back  .

-figure of a tree in Persian rugs

In a Persian rug a tree shows resistance,being humble and hardness.

Suvastika in a Persian rug

Suvastika in a Persian rug

-figure of “Suvastika” ( स्वस्तिक) 

It is an ancient symbol in Iran and also is called Aryan sun.IT stands for happiness.This symbol was a little different in Achaemenian period. It was curved but after years it became like what is it now.

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