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Handmade Silk Carpet

Handmade Silk Carpet are so famous and impressive in all of the world. This Iranian Hand knotted Carpet Has Zar-o Charak , Special and adorable Type. And its pattern is like Gonbad Rug.

This Persian Rug has Black Margin color. it’s so exclusive Persian Hand knotted Carpet.

One of the most important equipment and goods that has been of special importance in human life from the past to the present. Carpets and textile products. Because the use of these devices helps to create a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Meanwhile, one of the most unique and popular types of carpets are handmade carpets. which are also among the ancient Iranian products. The word carpet is an Arabic phrase that has a broad meaning and refers to items such as carpet and plus.

As a result, it can be said that the meaning of Persian handmade carpet is the underlayment. which is woven by hand from yarn and fabric. which naturally creates very beautiful designs on it and has many fans all over the world.

In the past years, with the advancement of technology in many fields. including the field of carpet production. we have witnessed huge changes and developments in the production of this product.

So that at the beginning of the production of Hand woven carpets by Iranian artists. very simple designs and easy designs were implemented on these textile products.

but over time there was a dramatic change in the production of this product and this led to a unique diversity in the market of handmade carpets.

About MJ Rug

MJ Rug is the biggest and the best company of produce Iranian Handmade Carpet in the world.

The handmade Iranian carpets of MJ Rug company have and after-sales guarantee.

For buy and consulting about our Persian Rug contact us.

Carpet Type

Zar-o Charack (80 & 120)

Carpet Pattern


Carpet Width

127 cm

Carpet Height

77 cm

Number of Color


Number of Rows


Margin Color


Finish Year


Number of Weavers


Weavig Duration

23 months


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