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A sign of Persian art in handmade carpets

A sign of Persian art in handmade carpets

A sign of Persian art in handmade carpets , A sign of Iranian art can be seen in every handmade carpet. And this type of carpet is popular in many cities around the world.

Qom Jamshidi carpet is one of the best hand-woven carpets in Iran and other major countries, including America, Germany, etc. Jamshidi hand-woven carpet weaves its carpets with the best and highest quality silk available in Iran and the world. As a result, it carries a lot of value.

In the seven divisions of world art. the name of carpet is not mentioned and carpet has no special place in world art.

But Iranian carpet is one of the most original artistic fields of this country. The carpet is an Iranian conception of existence that adorns the earth with an allegory of it.

Iranian carpet

which has generally been the manifestation of Ferdows Brin or the gardens of Iranian paradise.

The atmosphere and tranquility of Iranian architecture have brought with them. The use of colors such as turquoise, azure, amber and Iranian red and hundreds of other unique colors that originate from Iranian tiling and the variety of soil colors in this country.

With the delicacy of silk and wool of nomadic sheep. it is deeply connected to the culture of this country. A sign of Iranian art can be seen in handmade carpets of all cities.

sign of Persian art

sign of Persian art

In the world of symbolism

Every Iranian carpet is readable like a book and has a story in it. In the Persian carpet. Bateh is a survey on which the wind has blown and its darkness is bent. All Iranian handmade carpets have their own destiny. and story and love and originality can be found in their story.

In today’s Iran, where carpets have become a work of art and have become a commercial commodity. and the custodians of carpets are no longer artists but merchants. In the heart of Toronto. is trying to bring together Iranian carpet artists with a carpet project.

Artists who have studied the background of the carpet well. and create their modern art inspired by the colors and designs of their predecessors. And they adapt to the hectic life of this era to open their place all over the world to have the opportunity to expand in the art of the world.

One of the most important factors determining the price of a Persian Rug is the density of the rug. The higher the density, the higher the price. Iranian Handmade carpets are available in different designs and roles in the market. Be careful not to introduce the third-class product in the first-class format.

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MJ Rug is the biggest and the best company of produce Iranian Handmade Carpet in the world.

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