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The correct way to use carpet shampoo to wash handmade carpets at home:

Wash Handmade Carpets with shampoo

Wash Handmade Carpets with shampoo , The correct way to use Persian carpet shampoo to wash Iranian handmade carpets at home:

Sweep the carpet : Sweep the carpet before shampooing the carpet.

How to make carpet shampoo: Pour 2 cups of carpet shampoo and 1 to 2 liters of water into a bowl and stir well until it foams.

How to draw carpet shampoo: Apply the carpet shampoo very gently on the carpet with a net or sponge. Wait half an hour and do not walk on the carpet.

Making the carpet for sleeping: After half an hour, pull a rough napkin or curtain net to make the carpet sleep. Then sweep the carpet towards the bed with a wooden broom. Comb your carpet with an old brush so that the lint is in place and your carpet looks soft and beautiful.

Important points when using carpet shampoo

Never use carpet shampoo water and just rub the floor on the carpet to clean your angel. Because if you use its water, the carpet becomes loose and sticky and dries later. And the roots of the carpet rot over time due to moisture reaching it.

Carpet shampoo foam dissolves dirt on the carpet. And within half an hour, the air disappears in the presence of oxygen. so do not walk on the carpet during this time.

When shampooing the carpet, start from the top of the Persian carpet. so that you do not have to walk on the parts where you have rubbed the shampoo floor.

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