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How to clean a Persian handmade rug at home

Clean Persian handmade rug at Home

Clean Persian handmade rug at Home . Washing and cleaning handmade carpets has special principles and rules that observe the original quality of the carpet is maintained even after washing.

And also causes the hand-woven Iranian carpet not to lose its original quality. And to maintain its appearance and construction characteristics as much as possible.

At the First level you should Dusting before washing Iranian handmade carpets.

In this method, to remove dust. the carpet is shaken or beaten with a stick on the back of the Persian carpet to remove the dust. The blows of the wood should not be so strong as to damage the texture of the carpet.

To wash the Persian Jamshidi carpet. make sure that the carpet does not give back its color. Because painting causes serious damage to your hand-woven carpet.

Hand-woven carpets

Hand-woven carpets come in a variety of qualities. and some of them (mostly dark colors; such as lacquer, dark green, crimson, black, blue) give back color.

To determine if the carpet gives back color or not. soak a white handkerchief in lukewarm water and apply it to parts of the Iranian carpet lint. If this handkerchief becomes colored. then your carpet will color.

After dusting, lay your carpet on hard, cement, mosaic or sloping ground and start washing. To wash the Iranian carpet. the water flow should be at normal temperature and in the form of a shower.

Washing the hand-woven Persian carpet that gives color with warm water stabilizes the returned color in the bright parts of the carpet. so painting it is difficult and expensive.

Carpets made of wool and silk or silk knots are reduced in quality after washing.

The designs and colors used in Qom carpets have a great variety and breadth, while at first designs such as Shah Abbasi bergamot, hunting ground and… patterns of Qom handmade silk carpets were considered, but over time this The city grew significantly and was able to create great changes even in the Iranian carpet industry.

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