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Iranian Hand Knotted Rugs

Iranian Hand Knotted Rugs are so perfect and so impressive in the whole world. This Iranian Hand knotted Carpet Has Zar-o Charack , Special and adorable Type.

Silk yarn is one of the materials used in hand-woven Iranian carpets. Persian Carpets woven with silk thread are also more expensive due to the thinness and delicacy of silk thread. And they are more beautiful and popular among the people.

Qom Handmade carpets were first introduced to the market using not so fine wool. But over time, Qom Hand Knotted carpet weavers evolved the evolution of carpet weaving. 

And with special skill and ability, they began to weave all-silk carpets with a very high number. The exquisite rugs that entered the market in this way. and with these delicate silk threads became known as “silk flowers”.

If you are looking for special carpets and rugs with stylish design and color. MJ Rug is one of the most prestigious and best galleries. You can choose your favorite carpets in any dimension you want in this collection with any kind of taste.

MJ Rug Gallery In the field of selling all kinds of hand-woven carpets. it plays the leading role.

About MJ Rug

MJ Rug is the biggest and the best company of produce Iranian Handmade Carpet in the world.

The handmade Iranian carpets of MJ Rug company have and after-sales guarantee.

For buy and consulting about our Persian Rug contact us.


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