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Hand woven silk Rug

Hand woven silk Rug are so famous and impressive in all of the world. This Iranian Hand knotted Carpet Has Zar-o Nim , Special and adorable Type.

Types of hand-woven carpets based on fiber material:

All wool rugs: This means that the Rugs, which is made of wool, weft and lint, is made of coarse wool. This carpet is coarse in texture and is cheaper than other hand-woven carpets.

All silk rugs: As its name suggests, Warp and weft and its lint are made of silk and because of its elegance. it has a high value and price. Stains on it are easily cleaned, just wipe the stain with a damp cloth and a little carpet shampoo.

Silk flower rug: The yarn of this carpet is made of wool, the flowers and leaves of its design are woven from silk thread and the rest of the lint is made of wool. It is cheaper than all-silk carpets. it is competitive with all-silk carpets in terms of artistic value.

Silk rug: The rug of this carpet is made of silk. its villi may not be made of silk.

Silk floor rugs: The warp of this rug is wool. but the whole surface is woven of silk.

The map is related to the variety of natural colors used and the coordination of colors together.

About MJ Rug

MJ Rug is the biggest and the best company of produce Iranian Handmade Carpet in the world.

The handmade Iranian carpets of MJ Rug company have and after-sales guarantee.

For buy and consulting about our Persian Rug contact us.


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